Monster Master

If you want to play the game on fullscreen, you can check the downloadables bellow.

Made in 48 hours.

Participation to LOWREZJAM2020.

Optional theme : YOU ARE TERRIFYING.

The Story In Short ----

In Monster Master, you embody a newly-summoned lich that killed its necromancer.
You have inherited his powers, and now your objective is to go out of this dungeon and lay destruction in the world !
But the adventurers, initialy coming to stop the necromancer, will not let you do that.

What you can do and how ? ----

To survive, summon your minions and don't let the adventurers catch up to you !
Reach the end of the level after defeating them.

Controls : mouse, that's all.

The first 3 buttons are for summoning and watching over your minions.
The last 2 buttons are for controlling your character or pass your turn.

Credits ----

Sébastien Gaumin aka "Majhoub" - Main Programmer
Baptiste Bourgoin aka "Raychop" - Main Game Designer & Level Designer
Harry aka "Sojzi" - Sound Designer (FX)
Adrien Rauh aka "Dissolvant" - Sound Designer (Music)
Main menu & ending music themes by Eric Matyas
Truly wonderful character designs by Aleksandr Makarov (

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsRaychop, Seb_gamedev, Dissolvant, Sojzi
Made withUnity, Aseprite, Bfxr
Tags2D, LOWREZJAM, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button


Monster_Master_Windows 34 MB
Download 35 MB
Download 35 MB


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Pretty nice! Just randomly stumbled across this and decided to play it. Maybe adding a bit more depth could have made it more interesting but even like this it was entertaining enough for me to not click off the tab and do something else. The AI could have some more work done on it but it does what it needs to do so its alright. Short and sweet, very good.


Wow, thanks a lot for your warming comment. I'm so glad you found, played and liked the game and I'm relieved that our project can be appealing to some people outside the jam!

After the notation period of the jam, we will definetly add more contents to the game (minions, minions upgrade and more adventurers, as well as maybe bosses) and improve the IA.

Adding some cinematics to replace simple texts will also surely be on our list at some point.

I will post some proper devlogs each time we are updating. If you are interested in playing it again when there is more content, please consider following : having some criticism from first version's players will be quite cool! 





I'm not a great reviewer, but I will try to express all my thoughts.


Since I'm the creator of this graphic asset (Creature Pack and several parts of Overworld). In my opinion, the pack of creatures is more suitable for Roguelike \ Strategy games and this is the case for the correct use of assets.

I'm very glad how wonderful 0x72 work looks harmoniously with my monsters. (Hi, 0x72, I follow your creativity, find me on twitter :D Haha).


I never thought it was possible to create such an atmospheric soundtrack for such a small game! (I don't know how you recorded the sound effects, but I would like to meet the zombie voice actor ^^)


I really like the genre of tactical games (Most likely this is what motivated me to start creating my assets). I don't know if you used the FE mechanic.(Rock-Paper-Scissors), 

5 levels are very few. Procedural generation can fix the situation and I will play this game for a long time.


Good luck with LowrezJam!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks a lot for reviewing the game, the quality of your work is crucial in making this game enjoyable! 

Yeah our sound designer and our composer really done a great job, I especially love the level1 music!

About the strategical aspect of the game, I'm not sure myself what you imply. If "Rock paper scissors" method imply that one monster counter another, that is not the case. We have a character sheet-like system and the IA checks th opponents stats to make a decision. Even so the AI is actually kinda straightforward, it will be improved in later versions right after the jam (as well as the ability to control your monsters a little). 

About the levels, me and my friend are eager to add more contents to the game, including more levels. Procedurally generated enemies squads and random obstacles inside the rooms will surely be on our list.

When any first major update come out after the jam, we will let you know! 


Gorgeous art, music and camera. Amazing use of 64*64 pixels!

Maybe, camera moves too much, from some point it hurt my eyes a bit, would be awasome to have an option letting players to choose how fast and active camera is


Great work, this is a terrific jam game. Really great use of visuals and the core gameplay is neat.

Thank's man, that's lovely ! We are glad you liked the game !

We are aldready planning to polish and add more features to the core gameplay after the notation period of the jam.


Super fun to play, super nice visual theme with cool music. A few bugs here and there but none of them are wasting the game. Like with every good gamejam game, I would just want to have more levels.

Great work guys.