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TWO XBox-like Controller needed (and another player).

--Submission for Game Pratic 2019 Game Jam--

What is Occitatane ?

In Occitatane, fight another player localy, while playing some iconic characters from the history of the Occitanie region of France.

Fight bravely to make your character's timeline prevails !

This game is an original mix between nervous fight games and turn-by-turn games.
Take advantage of your reflexs, and feint your opponent by well-using the few time you have each turn.

Controls :

Phase 1, Approach : use the Left Stick to approach your opponent. You can make a dash-attack using the RB Button. It is your only attack during this phase. The first duelist to hit the other one gain the initiative (first attack for the phase 2).

Phase 2, Duel : The characters are locked until the end of the duel.
When you are colored, either in blue or red, it's your time to play.

When in red, it's your turn to attack : you have the initiative. You have 1.25sec to choose the side of your attack :

button : Top position
B button : Mid position
A button : Bottom position
RT : Attack at the current position

When in blue, you have to defend from an incoming attack. You have 1.25sec to choose the side of your parade, corresponding to the side of your opponent's attack.

Y button : Top position
B button : Mid position
A button : Bottom position
LT : Defend at the current position

Your character's background represents its timeline presence, equivalent as your health.
The first character to have his timeline fully collapsed lost the game.

Credits :

Baptiste Bourgoin aka "Raychop" - Gameplay Programmer
Lorenzo Coper - Game Designer
Hippolyte Follenfant aka "HFLT" - Sound Designer
Annaël Herant aka "Sayenah" - UI & Map Artist
Alex Gomes Ferreira aka "Superyuukun"- Character, Animator & Map Artist
Antonin Vigneron aka "Rhallor" - UI Programmer


Occitatane - 1.0 - Windows 64bit 43 MB

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